Kiyomi Chadwell lives in Spokane, WA.

Sumiko Chadwell lives in Spokane. She is Korean-American and works as a chocolatier. She loves spending time with her family, capturing moments of inspiration and writing in her spare time when she can find a quiet room.

A lifelong resident of Spokane, Cara Lorello is a freelance writer and former journalist. She is a graduate of Eastern Washington University. Her poetry and writing have appeared in The SunThe Smoking PoetNorthwest Woman, and Eve magazines, as well as the EWU literary journal, Northwest Boulevard. She is also a contributing writer/blogger for (

E.J. Iannelli moved to Spokane with his family in 2010 after ten years of living abroad in England and Germany. He is active in local volunteer organizations and works as a freelance journalist, editor, translator, and copywriter.

Sharon Lee is an artist living in Bisbee, Arizona, an artist enclave on the Mexico-United States border. Education includes stints at both Pratt University (New York) and the Pennsylvania State University. Sharon uses her knowledge of color and nature to draw in the viewer, which, upon closer inspection, often offers a surprise message or visual. Her work has been shown throughout the United States and has been collected by art lovers throughout the world.

Ara Lyman was born October 19, 1973 in Bend Oregon. As a child, she spent most of her time in a cabin in the forests of Northeastern Washington; she believes this gave her a unique perspective on life. She is the mother of three boys and teaches Bikram style yoga in Spokane. She has an AFA from Spokane Falls Community College. Ara works in many mediums and became particularly interested in encaustics through the work of Wendy Franklund Miller. Ara is now off on a journey to display thoughts, events and emotions in beautiful, sensual beeswax.

Caleb Majeski was born March 17th, 1990.

Tod Marshall lives in Peaceful Valley.

J.W. Trull practices the poetry of bodies and why art is the only twin of life—together, the parts of whole actions, completed.

J.P. Vallieres lives in North Idaho with his family. His forthcoming and most recent publications include Grey Magazine, Whitefish Review and North American Review.

Rick Walter was born in Spokane, resides in Boise, ID, and makes things for a living.

Tyson West, born in Boston, MA eight months before the police action in Korea, has degrees from the Universities of Virginia and of California, New York University, and Eastern Washington University (formerly Cheney Normal School). Publishing non-fiction and poetry based on his mystical relationship with noxious weeds and magpies in Eastern Washington, he has no plans to quit his day job in real estate.

Michael Zukosky received his Ph.D. from Temple University with a dissertation on grassland policy and politics in China’s Altai Mountains. He has general interests in international development and conservation policy. He is currently conducting a comparative project on social epistemology and discourse among a global network of European, Chinese, and Mongolian biologists involved in Przewalski horse reintroduction in Asia.

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